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Wheeler Avenue Triangle Ministries Inc (WATMI) is a 501 c (3) and was established on April 26, 2001 as a non-profit entity with a fully functioning Board of Directors. We serve to develop and manage real properties for the purpose of assisting community outreach within the Third Ward of Houston.

Because of the stifling demographics within the Third Ward, WATMI is challenged to build an infrastructure that improves the overall housing stock, provide safe senior supportive housing and after-school programs, increase nutritional awareness, and aid with job training. As a result of this effort, our community will gain essential resources allowing its citizens to be made whole.

Historically, WATMI has been involved in numerous redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization projects that have brought stabilization to the community for both present and future generations. WATMI is responsible for all non-profit real estate, including the Madge Bush Transitional Living Facility, the Audrey Hoffman Lawson Series Residencies, the MLK Jr. Community Center, and other lease properties.

Wheeler Avenue Triangle Ministries Inc

What We Do

Recently, WATMI has expanded its development opportunities by purchasing the former Martin Luther King Center and the Mickey Leland Crisis Center properties located in the vicinity of Sampson and Drew Streets. This brings WATMI’s property management responsibilities to 12 properties.

It is WATMI’s intention to rehabilitate and build up this community as an effort to ensure greater neighborhood stability for residents in the historical Third Ward of Houston.
WATMI is taking a vital resource and minimizing the cost associated with debris caused by demolition. WATMI supports the professional citing by the American Institute of Architecture, indicated that 

“Energy and money are spent in rehabilitating structures, but seldom come close to the cost of a new building.”

(James T. Kienle, FAIA, author), Dec. 18, 2009, AIArchitect, Vol. 16 http://info.aia.org/aiarchitect/thisweek09/1218/1218rc_historicpreservation.cfm

Wheeler Avenue Triangle Ministries Inc Houston, Tx

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WATMI seeks to continue growing, becoming an even more outstanding civic and community partner.


WATMI Executive Director, Preston J. Allen
Robert Gatlin, Treasurer
Maurice Carr, Treasurer
Eddie Brown, Secretary
Paul Chalres, Millicent Chancellor
Cedric Joubert

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